Introduction to Lean Manufacturing

Introduction to the 5s methodology

The "5s" are a set of fundamental principles in Lean Manufacturing that refer to five Japanese terms beginning with the letter "S" and represent specific steps to create an orderly, efficient and safe work environment that will facilitate productivity and quality.

How to identify the 7 Wastes of Lean Manufacturing

This post explains the 7 wastes categorized by Lean Manufacturing that affect the quality, production time and cost of organizations.

Cellular Manufacturing and U-Shapped Cells

Introduction to the characteristic layout of lean management, flexible cells, which incorporate flexibility in terms of production volumes with efficiency, low cost and speed.

Introduction to Lean Manufacturing

Introduction to Lean Manufacturing and the approach to maximize de added value for the final customer using the less resources possible and eliminating waste.

Lean Manufacturing History

In this post it's explained the history of Lean Manufacturing, introducing previously the mass productions systems to get to the Toyota Production System.

The ideal quantity for a production batch

Here with some examples it's explained why Lean Manufacturing tries to minimize batch sizes.

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