Theory of Constraints (TOC)

Process optimization for manufacturing in sequence: Buffers

In this entry we are going to present a case of production in sequence that encounters the problem of not being able to supply Takt Time as the line is designed. Subsequently, the causes and the proposed solution will be presented.

Subordinating everything else to the constraint - TOC

Here it's explained how the resources which are not constraint in the system need to have an excess in capacity to be able to guarantee that the bottleneck will always have parts to work.

Elevating the constraint - TOC

This is the fourth step of TOC and it consist of elevating the performance that our constraint has, by applying process improvement, investment in duplicated tooling, better tools, etc.

Exploiting the Constraint - TOC

In this post it's explained how to exploit the constraint to the maximum level possible avoiding stops and making it work all the time.

Identifying the constraint - TOC

In this post it's indicated the procedure to follow in order to identify the constraint that is limiting the capacity of the whole system.

Theory of Constraints - TOC - Introduction

Theory which leads to the identification of elements in a process which involve an obstacle or limitation (constraint) to reach the objetives in a company.

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