Implementation of Lean Manufacturing

Complete Guide to Implementing Electronic Kanban in Productive Environments

In this post we will talk about "Electronic Kanban", which adapts the principles of Kanban to the digital environment by eliminating the need for physical cards and boards, by using software and digital tools to organize and monitor the workflow.

Productivity and Order: Dynamic Shelving for Lean Manufacturing

In this post we will talk about dynamic shelves in production lines and their application in Lean Manufacturing, improving the flow of materials and reducing waste, promoting efficiency and flexibility in production.

Optimize your Processes with Value Stream Mapping | Continuous Improvement

Value Stream Mapping is a technique used to visualize and understand the flow of materials and information throughout a process, from the receipt of raw materials to delivery to the end customer. Its objective is to identify and eliminate waste to optimize production processes.

Introduction to SMED: quick changeover

Introduction to SMED technique, a continuous improvement methodology used to reduce the tooling changeover time required when changing from producing one reference to another and thus increase the production capacity of a line.

Introduction to Kanban System

Introduction to Kanban System, Japanese name for a system of information transmission between different processes, which in its beginnings operated through cards and was the basis of Lean Management.

The stages of Lean Manufacturing implementation: Introduction

Here we will explain the different steps to be taken to implement Lean management in a company.

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